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Whether you have been arrested for your first DUI or a subsequent DUI, contact a DUI defense attorney Raymore MO as soon as possible. Missouri is harsh enough on first time DUI charges. The Joshua Wilson Law Firm represents those who have been arrested for DUI, whether it's that person's first or subsequent DUI, or if you need to expunge a first time DUI.

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The sooner you call after your arrest, the sooner our firm can help you. We'll request all evidence from the prosecutor's office including the video of the traffic stop, any field tests that you might have taken, the results of those tests, and the results of any breathalyzer, blood or urine tests you may have given. Our team will review all of the evidence against you and will ask you for your side of the story. Once we have all of the information, we can work with the prosecutor's office for a reduction in charges or request that they drop the charges based on an improper stop, improper evidence or a false positive. Some medical conditions make it impossible for people to pass the field tests. If you have a medical issue that may have affected your ability to perform the field tests, we may be able to get the DUI charges against you dropped. This includes any legal prescriptions that you are taking that may have contributed to the accident.

Consequences of a DUI

When you are charged with driving under the influence, you may have to pay a fine, you may spend some time in jail, or you may lose your license, even if this is your first DUI. If you are convicted, the repercussions do not stop there. You will now have a criminal record. This means that you could lose your job if your employer requires a clean record. You might find it difficult to obtain a job with a DUI conviction on your record, especially if that job involves driving. You may also find that if your vehicle insurance company doesn't drop you, your rates will rise significantly because you are now a greater risk to them. Other ramifications include difficulty in finding an apartment, difficulty in getting a mortgage and difficulty getting other types of insurance.

DUI with Injuries

If you have been in a DUI accident and you have been accused of causing injury or death to another person involved in the accident, contact our law firm immediately. The consequences can be extreme if you are convicted, for you and your family and loved ones. If the other person involved can show you were negligent, you may have to pay not only their medical bills, but punitive damages. If you were not driving under the influence, but may have played a part in the accident because of a medical condition, you or your insurance company may not have to pay punitive damages.

False Positives and Unconstitutional Stops

Sometimes, a breathalyzer will give a false positive reading, depending on the last person's reading, what you ate or drank earlier or because the equipment has otherwise malfunctioned. Sometimes, an officer may have stopped you without having a good reason to stop you. If you feel any of these things may have happened to you, contact our firm to learn about your rights.

Contact The Joshua Wilson Law Firm for a Consultation

A DUI is a serious conviction that has long-lasting consequences on your life and the lives of your loved ones. If you have been arrested for DUI, regardless of whether it is a first or subsequent DUI, or because you were accused of driving under the influence but were sober, contact The Joshua Wilson Law Firm for a consultation today. If you are are still in jail and are awaiting your arraignment, we can make arrangements with you for a consultation and to attend the arraignment.

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