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Criminal Defense Attorney Kansas City, MO

With many years of experience working with clients and forming defenses for the criminal defense charges they are facing, The Joshua Wilson Law Firm is more than prepared to handle your case. We know what it takes to create a proper defense against criminal defense charges, and we have experience working in courts that serve the Kansas City area as well. 

The Joshua Wilson Law Firm has been defending individuals for accused of committing a crime for many years. We are dedicated to protecting your rights and defending you in a Kansas City court of law. We review each criminal defense case thoroughly so that we can be better prepared to defend you.

Our criminal defense advocate within the Kansas City area carefully prepares every facet of each case and then use their thorough analysis and investigations to negotiate plea deals or make motions for dismissals. No matter your individual situation, The Joshua Wilson Law Firm always leaves the final decisions to the client. We can provide legal guidance and advice in terms of your chances at trial, but our criminal defense firm knows it is your life and future, and you have to live with the consequences of your decision. Clients who work with The Joshua Wilson Law Firm can feel confident that their criminal defense representation is prepared and ready to provide the best possible legal strategies.

At The Joshua Wilson Law Firm in Kansas City, we will defend you in your criminal defense case and get you the justice you deserve. If you are charged with a serious crime in Kansas City, you are facing harsh penalties and, therefore, are in need of quality criminal defense representation. At The Joshua Wilson Law Firm, we will listen to your side, communicate any issues related to the resolution of your case and come up with creative solutions to any complex situations that may arise over time. We can promise representation that is truthful and steadfast in its pursuit of justice for you. You and your family can breathe easy knowing we at The Joshua Wilson Law Firm in Kansas City is defending you with all of its abilities. If you feel you may need to retain a lawyer, have legal questions or would like to schedule an initial consultation, then reach out to us today.


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